Asia-Pacific Econophysics Conference 2016

~Big Data Analysis and Modeling toward Super Smart Society~

August, 24th - 26th, 2016

the University of Tokyo, Japan



 Econophysics has been leading big-data analysis and modeling for econo-socio phenomena, and it is now the time that we should focus our attention on “Super Smart Society” which is expected to be realized in the near future. By the word “Super Smart Society”, we dream such a society that all our scientific knowledge and all big-data in diverse fields are fully utilized for our better life impartially for all the people.
 Every one may have different image of “Super Smart Society”. So we welcome your idea, perspective, and trial, especially on the point how econophysics can contribute to realize a resilient Super Smart Society.

Invited Talks

Ann, CHEONG Siew


Havlin, Shlomo

Hu, Chin-Kun

Ito, Nobuyasu

Ito, Takayuki

Ito, Takatoshi

Jensen, Henrik Jeldtoft

Jeong, Hawoong

Jung, Woo-Sung

Kim, Beom-Jun

Legara, Erika Fille Tupas

Li, Daqing

Masuda, Naoki

Nishinari, Katsuhiro

Pietronero, Luciano

Sornette, Didier

Stanley, H. Eugene

Sugiyama, Masashi

Weron, Rafal

Yano, Kazuo

Zhou, Wei-Xing

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